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Ellenborough Park – Cheltenham

fairy light canopy at Ellenborough Park
fairy light canopy at Ellenborough Park

Ellenborough Park – Cheltenham

Our fairy light installation in De La Bere Court at Ellenborough Park in Cjeltenham is a great way to make the space extra special for your wedding day.

Heres a little more information:

  • Our fairy lights are perfect for creating soft romantic lighting in the De La Bere.
  • We install the fairy light installation either early on the morning of your wedding or sometimes it is possible for us to install the lights the day before weddings.
  • We liase with your wedding co-ordinator regarding timings for setting up and clearing back.
  • Installation is carried out by professional, friendly, uniformed staff.
  • All our lights are a soft warm white colour and commercial quality.

If you would like a quote for us to install this fairy light canopy or have any questions about the service please get in touch with us HERE

Our LED fairy lights are perfect for creating the right lighting at your wedding or event.

Our fairy light canopies are installed by us at your venue using our professional, friendly, uniformed staff. We are happy to speak with your venue to work out how and when we can install the fairy light canopy.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 90 cm